It's Anne's enjoyment of Cooking and Baking that has lead her to realise her dream, of baking goods for more than just her Family and Friends. The Village Market was where it all began - held in our local village, Portscatho - serving Cakes, Savouries and Preserves. It enabled Anne to make the move from Home Baker to a Home baker with a business.
It was demand for Anne's Cakes and Savouries which led to Tregairewoon Farm Kitchen being built as demand required Anne to move out of the Farmhouse Kitchen and into a purpose built kitchen.

 Tregairewoon Farm Kitchen has a winning combination, Anne's passion and talent for baking paired with a unique location - a working farm on the Roseland Peninsula.
The Emmett family began farming Tregaire Farms in the early 1930s and have become a well established farming family on the Roseland, but also through-out Cornwall. This link to agriculture has meant that a lot of the produce used to make Anne's delicious food is sourced from the farm, and dictates the importance of home grown produce.

We endeavour to use local produce wherever possible, some like our Bacon, Sausages, Pork Joints and Eggs even coming from our own farm.
  In the beginning Anne served Farmhouse Cream Teas out of the farmhouse kitchen on the lawn, but since moving to the new building her offerings have multiplied. Along with the Farmhouse Cream Teas we serve Morning Coffee and Light Lunches but have expanded further recently with Farmhouse Breakfasts on a Saturday morning and an ever increasingly popular Sunday Carvery - booking is advisable!

  Although all that cooking keeps Anne busy she still offers an extensive order list of baked goods and an ever expanding range of Farmhouse Ready Meals - ideal for when you don't fancy cooking when on holiday or bring your own dish and we'll fill it for a dinner party when you're busy enough with the seating plan!

We look forward to welcoming you at Tregairewoon Farm Kitchen!